When Does It Stop?

Bills? Disappointments? Financial struggles? This Arizona heat? The violet hair color I had fun with a few months back? Putting aside our dreams?

Some of them never end. Some you can escape from (wonder how the summers are in Portland?). Some you just have to have patience until they pass (and the courage to show your two tone head in public). And some you learn are not really placed aside.

To be honest, I couldn’t really tell you what my dream is. The first half of my adulthood was robbed from me, to an extent. So, I am now in a season of rediscovery. I am enjoying the path to finding where my place is in this crazy world. It started with creating my own definition of myself. It then evolved into farmers markets, artistry, and baking. It’s in a current season of taking a couple of steps of what feels like backwards motion and just staying afloat. I know it will get better. Not everything is in place for the dream to become a reality, but it will get there. Until then, all I can do is follow where the universe leads and dream of what is to come!


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