Sleepless Nights

Have you ever had one of those nights where you just couldn’t sleep?

I’m in the middle of one right now. It’s not that I don’t want to sleep. Oh, but I do! I know that in a few hours I’ll need to get up for my shift on the phones. Yet, sleep eludes me. “No sleep for you!!” I hear the sleep Nazi shout in my head.

There’s no reason in particular that I can’t sleep. There’s no pressing worries. No earth shattering thoughts. Just randomness rolling through my mind. I even laid in bed so long that my body began to ache.

So, I thought I’d try some consolation from an old friend….writing. Will it help me? I don’t know. At least it might help the time pass until my brain decides to be more sleepy. I can hear Daniel breathing steadily in the next room and the sound is comforting. The dog, just having been startled awake by my entrance into the living room, has decided to go claim my lingering warm spot in the bed. Maybe having his warm fuzzy body next to my feet when I return will help lull me into slumber.

For now, I entertain thoughts of work prospects, weddings, and travel. Hopefully somewhere in there will be independent business success, financial stability, and freedom. I love our not-so-simple little life right now. Minor complications that will one day lead to a greater peace.

So good night. Gute nacht. Oiche mhaith. Oyasumi nasai. Buenos noches. Nos da.

And God bless.



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